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Welcome to the New World of Additive Manufacturing

Our Network is an online order-to-delivery collaboration platform for the industrial additive manufacturing community. We connect the AM ecosystem, simplify the collaboration process, and streamline the AM production process. Siemens’ AM Network digitalizes and consistently improves your processes and ultimately accelerates the value in using Additive Manufacturing.

Automate manual functions and get instant access to an ecosystem of suppliers, experts and partners to boost your on-demand production capacity. Streamline your manufacturing process with one integrated system for design, marketing, procurement and more.

Enterprise Section

Get instant access to an ecosystem of AM decision makers, vendors, consultants and suppliers. Collaborate with your customers and partners, from the first interaction through planning and product delivery, on our end-to-end additive manufacturing platform.

Supplier Section

Our trusted partners get instant access to an ecosystem of AM vendors, suppliers and consultants. Access exclusive tools that help you select the right material, machine and processes, together with the expertise to put that newfound knowledge into action.

Partner Section

Revolutionizing On-Demand Manufacturing

Our mission is to accelerate the mass adoption of Additive Manufacturing in the industrial world as a means for a true on-demand manufacturing. That means you can get the parts you need, when you need, customized to your needs, with the help of a global supplier network.

Our online order-to-delivery collaboration platform allows you to co-create with a comprehensive network of partners, suppliers and customers helping you streamline and digitalize your production processes.

Find out how Siemens’ Additive Manufacturing Network is helping to shape the fourth industrial revolution and how you can reap the rewards here.


Our partnership with Siemens enables us to ramp up additive manufacturing production, spread unified processes globally and better leverage our internal machines and soon connect our network of suppliers. All this without sacrificing the high standard of quality Decathlon is known for.

Julien Guillen, Leader Additive Manufacturing, Decathlon


Siemens AM network helps us to be more agile and respond to inquiries in real time to ensure our customers get exactly what they ordered, on time, by condensing and automating much of the processes regardless of geographical location.

Vladimir Navrotsky, Chief Technology officer, Siemens Power & Gas, Service Distributed Generation and Oil & Gas


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